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Shocked and Awed

NY Times:"Whatever your opinion of the war, the art is often devastating."read the article

AFP syndicated worldwide:"Made by pupils at the Iraqi capital's Al Assail primary school in June, one month after President George W. Bush declared an end to major combat in Iraq, the drawings bring a child's sensibility to bear on the human impact of the US "shock and awe" bombing campaign." read the article

Village Voice 'Voice Choices Recommended'

TheWashington Post: read the article

The Downtown Express: read the article

The Daily Star: read the article

News Day


The Kingdom of Fear

April 6-12, 2005
Carl Rosenstein in front of politically themed poster at his Puffin Room gallery that Mayer Bloomberg's spokesperson blew the whistle on when the gallery was used as a poll site on Electiion Day.

Loft Show 9

1.20–2.25, 2007
Opening Reception:
Saturday, January 20th, 6-8pm
Gallery Hours:
Thursday through Sunday 12pm - 6pm
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Documenting Lifestyles

"Where Teen-Agers Learn About Art and Teach About Living in Peace,"
by Sarah Boxer, New York Times, Section C, Page 21
read the article

The Aura of the Cause

"From a Forgotten War, Images That Linger,"
by David Richards, Washington Post, Section C, Page 1
read the article

"United They Stood,"
Merrill Goozner, Chicago Tribune, Section 2, Page 1
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The Spirit Lives

"Snapshots of a War and a Lost Cause,"
by Margaret Loke, New York Times, Section E, Page 38
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Beyond Borders

"Past the Process, Beyond Borders Proves Peace Can Be Made at the Grassroots Level,"
by Chad Levinson, Eastside Resident, Page 23
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The 4th Annual Loft Pioneer Show

"Puffin Room's Loft Show looks backwards, and forwards,"
by Traci Kampel, The Villager, Page 9
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Distant Voices 4

"Even in the Harshest Conditions, Precious Life Somehow Prevails,"
by Margaret Loke, New York Times, Section E, Page 40
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The Prison-Industrial Complex

"A more reflective Panther, Angela Davis takes on prisons,"
by Jerry Tallmer, The Villager, Page 1
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Spring Performance 2001

"New Footprints in 3 Distinct Styles,"
by Jennifer Dunning, New York Times, Section E, Page 6
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Through the Lens at Jacob's Pillow

"2 Festivals Are Offering Films, Photos and Shows,"
by Jennifer Dunning, New York Times
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